What does 5G mean for the future of online entertainment

You have likely heard a lot about 5G, including the pros and cons, the unanswered questions and the questions which have been answered many times.

However, you may not be aware of just how important 5G is to the future of the online entertainment industry.

The international rollout of 5G could quite literally change the trajectory of the online entertainment sector forever and completely revolutionise the industry.

Right now, digital entertainment platforms and providers are scrambling to get ready for the introduction of 5G across industrialised nations ā€“ keep reading to find out why.

What is 5G?

Many people are concerned about the safety and efficacy of 5G and have been very active in voicing their concerns both online and offline.

However, many of these people may not realise that they have likely already been using 2G, 3G and 4G and they have benefitted greatly from the rollout of each subsequent ā€œGā€.

5G is essentially the next generation of cellular networks and, perhaps unsurprisingly, as the newest iteration of cellular network, it is also expected to be the fastest and best created thus far.

The rollout of 5G around the world is seen by many world leaders and tech giants as extremely important because a world with 5G is a much more connected world.

The introduction of 5G will mean much faster data speeds, super-low latency, a more reliable connection, huge network capacity, more availability and a more uniform experience.

Faster, better operations

The mass introduction of 5G will mean much faster, better and nimbler operations for the industry.

This is because 5G helps to simplify the industry and remove unnecessary equipment such as expensive satellites, thousands of miles of cables and satellite trucks as well.

Unlike other generations of networks, 5G has a simplified delivery process with greater capacity and processing power allowing platforms the ability to better manage live streams for viewers.

A boost for successful entertainment industries

The online entertainment industries which have already learned how to best utilise the power of digital technology are likely to find more benefit from the introduction of 5G than other industries which have been failing to capitalise quite so successfully.

One industry that has been doing particularly well and which looks ready to jump into the 5G fray is the online gambling industry.

The online gambling and digital casino industry has grown exponentially over the course of the last decade and is now one of the top-performing entertainment sectors.

Unlike other industries, the online gambling industry has continued to innovate nonstop in order to provide gamblers with new, fun experiences.

One of the aspects of the industry with the highest amount of innovation is that of slot games.

There are now thousands of different online slot games available to be played in hundreds of different online casinos.

Digital slot machine games are themed and have fully immersive audio-visual effects.

As explored in detail below, the immersive, highly engaging aspects of slot machine games means that they will be further enhanced by the introduction of 5G.

Immersive experiences

Companies are already starting to use 5G in order to create entirely immersive digital experiences.

A few companies have tried streaming sports games, concerts and events to create 360-degree streaming of virtual events for attendees to enjoy from anywhere around the world.

The introduction of 5G also allows entertainment platforms to innovate more creatively, openly and bravely because they will be better able to rely on their patrons and spectators having a quality internet connection to really view and enjoy the event or game.

Artificial Intelligence innovations

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, and 5G are likely going to be working together in order to get viewers the most realistic human representations ever created.

Researchers are hoping that the representations will be able to interact with audiences in real-time and perhaps even read and respond to the various reactions which viewers may have.

You may be wondering where 5G comes into play in this research.

5G is essential as it has the power to bring entertainment to the next level in homes across the world. Right now, you might find that even your Netflix or Hulu connection can be a bit spotty or unreliable.

Not only would 5G make your streaming connection much more reliable, it would also make it possible for you to enjoy content on various screen formats such as high-resolution screens, virtual reality glasses or other immersive technology options.

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