REVIEW: Reality TV Show – Made In Chelsea Season 23 Ep 6

Maeva’s and James’ relationship is the focus of the sixth episode of season 23 of Made In Chelsea. 

Maeva whisks her friends to Yorkshire to witness her huge proposal to James. Chatting to the girls she shares her anxiety about proposing and what Jame’s reaction might be, before rein-acting getting down on one knee.

It’s surprising how opposite ends on the spectrum the pair are on marriage. More shocking is why none of their friends weigh in with their usual unsolicited opinions and advice and stop her.  

As we follow Maeva and James’ journey we see the two are clearly not on the same page, yet no one expresses concern that she might be left heartbroken if he says no.

Maeva, famous for her sass and the centre of most dramas, is portrayed as pressuring James to make a life-changing decision. 

It makes for an awkward watch as it’s something he’s not ready for. It gets more cringe-worthy when Maeva tells friends how she plans to propose.

Although it’s ok for Maeva to want to be married and start a family, I find it odd that James is not transparent with her about wanting to opt out, it’s here my perception of James changes. 

His actions seem cowardly. The whole thing begs the question if the two should even be together.

Before Maeva does so, she pulls ex Miles aside to warn him about her pending proposal. In a shock twist, the usually nonchalant Miles seems very upset before telling Maeva not to and suggests they have another go at things instead. 

It is at this moment I hope things take a turn and the two end up together.

When Maeva gets on one knee, pulls out a ring, and asks James the big question, I just want to scream no at the telly. 

A shocked James begs her to get up and says no, as an embarrassed Maeva runs off. I’m left embarrassed for her.

The entire thing is a mess. Why did no one stop Maeva? 

It is so crushing to watch. I almost wish Miles would come and save the day and whisk Maeva off. It seems the pair share a deeper connection and seem a better pairing.

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