REVIEW: 11 years later, Made in Chelsea continues to thrive

Made in Chelsea, a snobbish and posh show that has been on our screens since 2011, has always been dramatic.

Friends have cheated, hurt, and argued with each other. 

As a regular viewer of Made In Chelsea, you will know how dramatic the scenes have been from the tears to the rows. Starting with Spencer Mathews, known as the biggest cheater, and Hugo, who always finds himself confused between Millie and Rosie.

Over the years, however, the cast has changed, and the show has been revamped with a new style of drama. 

Now the series has a completely different angle on love, marriage, and adults who act like adults instead of immature teenagers who just get wasted. 

Showing middle-class posh people complaining about their problems is still a loved show and maybe even more so since we see issues that we can relate to as young adults. Who hasn’t broken up with someone and had to confront him, besides throwing water in his face?

Ultimately, Maeva D’Ascanio’s bring life to TV, if you’re not already aware of her French sassiness, then you’re in for a good drama. 

The woman is not only rude, but I have never encountered someone so straightforward as her. Most recently Maeve cried that her boyfriend James Taylor would not propose to her, and knowing Maeve, we know she doesn’t take no for an answer, I mean the girl was basically discussing proposing to the guy himself on national television. 

If that isn’t girl power, I don’t know what is.

We were all thrilled when Tiffany Watson announced her engagement and marriage plans with Cameron McGeehan on the recent show. 

While I didn’t admire her very much, I did enjoy watching her grow after she left in 2017 after spilling over from her relationship with Sam Thomspon. 

Besides cheating and galavanting around posh end restaurants, the series shows a newer light, a cast that shows real problems we can all relate to, even if it’s heavily scripted, we still enjoy seeing it. 

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