“Music has almost become another form of social media now” — Bruno Major on touring with Sam Smith, the States and how South Park inspired his latest album

The last year has proved to be something of a whirlwind for rising star Bruno Major, and things don’t look to be slowing down at all.

After a critically acclaimed sold-out US tour earlier this year, the singer is currently supporting Sam Smith on 11 UK arena dates before embarking on his own set of headline shows in April and May.

The London-based singer is thriving on such a busy schedule, but admits he doesn’t know what to expect from his current arena tour.

He said: “Touring America was a real dream come true, I went all around the country and to Canada and places id never been before.

“To be able to go somewhere you’ve never been before and find a room full of people you’ve never met before is pretty special.

“It’s pretty full on for the next few months.

“I don’t know what to expect to be honest because I have never played arenas before.

“Its going to be fun, its going to be an experience for sure.”

During his upcoming shows, Bruno will be playing a lot of material from his most recent release, A Song For Every Moon.

Featuring twelve tracks, one recorded each month for the last year, it has earned the 29-year-old critical acclaim.

He admits it was, at least partially, inspired by South Park.

He said: “A Song For Every Moon happened because I made the first song and I wanted to put it out and I didn’t want to wait.

“Usually when you make an album it is a three-month, maybe six-month, recording process, but I made the song and I knew that was the sound for the album and I wanted to put it out now.

“I had just watched a TV documentary about South Park, and they go in on a Monday to write the episode, animate it, produce it and it goes out on a Saturday and they have a day off and do it all again,” he said.

“That’s why its so on point with current affairs and so sharp, and I thought if they can do that why cant I do it with music?”

Bruno also believes the way the public consumes music is changing and admits that it is unlikely he will ever produce a conventional album.

He said: “It’s the way we can consume information, music has almost become another form of social media now.

“On Instagram or Twitter, if you don’t post a picture nobody is going to like your page, you have to be constantly sending out information.”

“It’s the same with music, no matter who it is, even with Beyonce’s Lemonade – it was everywhere, everyone was using the lemon emoji, but then two weeks later it was gone.

“It is easier for people to listen to once song and then one month later they were reminded of it with another song.

“After a song for every moon I don’t feel like making a normal album now, so whatever I do its going to have a concept behind it but I’d lying if I said I’d come up with one yet.”

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