Oxjam kicks off its festival season in style on Clapham Common bandstand

Oxjam kicked off its festival season on Clapham Common bandstand last weekend and its organiser is excited for what’s to come later this year.

For the first time, event organisers held an outdoors event to raise money and the profile of the volunteer organised music festival that runs through the summer culminating in the multivenue ‘Oxjam Day’ in October.

Despite the poor weather organiser Dan Radley believes the event, held to raise money for global charity Oxfam, was a big success.

Mr Radley said: “It was the first time we’d organised an event on Clapham’s iconic bandstand, and something we wanted to do for a long time.

“The event gave us an opportunity to provide a taste of Oxjam Music Festival to families, children, and local dog walkers, communities we might not usually reach.”

Artists that played Saturday’s event praised the organisers, highlighting the contribution they make to raising money and to helping local musicians get heard.

William Edward, one half of male singing duo OMYO, said: “If you’re new it’s great for experience, stage craft, and great for networking.

“The more you can get out there and play your music the better.

“It’s a great charity, and it’s nice they are doing different things across the country.

“It brings the community together and it’s all for a great cause.”

Many of the artists which featured on Saturday’s bandstand event are regular Oxjam performers and Mr Radley hopes that any new fans will continue their support in future Oxjam Clapham events.

The next Oxjam Clapham takeover event will be at The Lambeth Country Show on July 21st, all leading up to the finale in October where Mr Radley promised a diverse line-up.

This year there will be over 35 takeover events in the UK, and Clapham itself will see up to 15 bars and venues showcasing local acts in October.

Paul Lynch, 26, an Oxjam performer from Wimbledon said: “For any artist looking to play for friendly organisers who will put the work in, advertise the gig well, and make sure your name is out there, then you should play for Oxjam.”

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