Albert Gold ready for his first west London gig at K West Live

Alternative soul singer-songwriter Albert Gold admitted his excitement at playing in west London for the first time tonight, when he takes to the stage at K West Live.

The event, the second in the series at K West Hotel and Spa, will feature Gold headlining alongside Montrell and Hannah Jane Lewis.

Gold, 27, was born and raised in Hackney and now resides in Clapton, doing most of his gigging close to home in East London.

On the opportunity to play West London, Gold said: “I wanted to always play Bush Hall.

“I didn’t know about K West until a few weeks ago then I researched it and thought it was a really cool venue so I wanted to do it.

“I’ve never done West London before – I’m excited.”

Gold will play a fully original set and is interested to see the reaction to his music in front of a new crowd.

He said: “I will be doing quite a big, loud performance.

“I guess you’ll be hearing a lot of power in my performance.”

He added: “I’m just ready to have fun and be able to play for an audience that’s never heard me before.

“I haven’t been on stage for a bit and I haven’t done some of the songs that I’m gonna do on Thursday so it’ll be interesting to see what’s gonna happen with the songs that I do.”

Gold’s musical journey began when he was 14 and started writing his own songs.

He then worked on his trade at the British Academy of New Music in Stratford, which boasts graduates such as Rita Ora and Ed Sheeran.

Gold said: “It was really fun – I got a lot of friends out of it as well.

“And quite a lot of big people went there like Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora.

“It kind of helps you to see where you can go with your career.”

Growing up in London means Gold has been witness to the changing music scene in the capital, and can’t imagine making music anywhere else.

He said: “London is 100% an inspirational area to make music.

“I think it’s the best place to be when it comes to music.

“There’s so much happening, so much you can do if you’re a musician.”

And much of Gold’s life in the capital is featured in his music.

He has released two EPs to date, with a third expected later this year, and the songs which feature are inspired by his experiences or those of his friends and family.

He said: “Growing up, being in the household that I was in, witnessing some of the things going on, mostly love stuff.”

“My sister going and being in love, me as I got older.

“I’ve listened a lot to Luther Vandross and Stevie Wonder, it’s kind of all those guys spoke about so it was easy for me to speak about that as well.”

As for the future, Gold will play a Sofar Sounds gig on April 26, the first single from the next EP will be released next month, and a mixtape made with friends is expected towards the end of the year.

Gold is determined to perfect his art as much as possible, collaborating with as many artists as he can and working on getting his writing as good as it can be.

Beyond that, he’s unsure, but the legacy of Vandross is never far from his thoughts.

He said: “I do want to be able to affect the world the way he’s done it, that’s the main thing I would say.

“Music can do anything. I don’t think my music will change the world but I think it will definitely affect some people and their lives.”

Image from Albert Gold’s Instagram

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