Ealing Film Festival returns for its fourth year

Ealing Film Festival will run from Monday 20th November until the 25th.

The annual film festival returns for the fourth year, for its biggest year yet.

The festival was set up in 2020 for the first time, during lockdown, as an online event to celebrate local history and theatre.

Annemarie Flanagan, co-founder of the festival said: “My partners and I started the film festival because Ealing has such a rich history and thought it was ridiculous that it didn’t have a cinema or anything to celebrate it.”

She was referring to Ealing Studios, one of the oldest film studios which was set up in 1902 and is still in production today.

Flanagan credited this history to the film festival’s success and the large number of nominations the festival received.

More than 415 short films entered the competition, with entries from all over the world.

Flanagan noted that the number of entries has gone up every year since 2020.

Flanagan added: “The festival is not just about looking back, its also about looking forward.”

Among the different categories, the festival has a student one as well where a lot of the entrants are from the Met school and Flanagan said it highlights the potential and talent of young people.

Each film showcased will have been screened by a panel of at least three judges and each category will have a winner.

Flanagan said: “The overall winner of the festival will be the one with the most impact, the one which generates the most emotion among viewers.

The festival will run in the evening, hosted in three different locations: ActOne cinema, a community-run cinema; Ealing Project, a community hub; and Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery chosen for its artistic feel.

Feature image credit: Ealing Film Festival

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