Wayne Campbell is holding his book 'A celebration of demonstration'. He is standing in front of a wall with two of his photographs. The wall is covered with pieces of cardboard featuring quotes and comments

London photographer framing UK activism through new project

Spurred into action by George Floyd’s shocking death four years ago, a London photographer turned his emotional response into a powerful collection of protest photography.

Wayne Campbell’s project, “A Celebration of Demonstration,” documents the spirit and resilience of those who filled London’s streets in the wake of Floyd’s murder.

Nestled in a quaint lane near Brixton’s Electric Avenue, Campbell’s vibrant yellow shop serves as a beacon of activism. 

The space, unveiled last year, features emotionally charged black-and-white images and a wall adorned with empowering messages on cardboard.

Initially created as a photography book featuring poignant snapshots from Black Lives Matter protests, Campbell’s vision has extended into a physical space that functions as a gallery, a hub for community engagement, and a catalyst for social change.

Campbell said: “As a black man living in London, it’s hard not to see the unconscious bias that exists in some people.

“I wasn’t fully aware of the depths of my activism before I attended my first George Floyd demonstration, but I certainly was afterwards. 

“Knowing I needed to contribute to the groundswell of change, I grabbed my camera and started documenting.”

Wayne Campbell's bright yellow shop with the name in large black letters, 'a celebration of demonstration,' there is artwork displayed outside. Inside you can see photographs and people talking

Image by Courtney Burnett
PICTURE PERFECT: Wayne Campbell’s bright yellow shop perfectly frames his electrifying photos

At its core, Campbell’s endeavour reflects his identity as a storyteller, infusing every project with creativity, passion, and activism.

His work aims to provoke thought, inspire action, and foster dialogue, sparking conversations and empowering communities. 

Through his lens, the unity, determination, and unwavering pursuit of justice are immortalised, inviting viewers to share in these profound stories.

“A Celebration of Demonstration” is not just about capturing moments, it heralds a future built on justice and equality, instilling a sense of hope and possibility.

All images credited to Courtney Burnett

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