The main stage and crowd at Glastonbury

Glastonbury Festival ticket prices continue to increase amid surging inflation 

Glastonbury Festival ticket prices have been steadily increasing throughout the years since the festival first came into existence. 

Standard tickets for the 2023 edition of the festival went on sale for £335 plus a £5 booking fee and a £50 deposit last month.

It is a £70 increase from this year’s festival and comes amidst rapid increases in the cost of living crisis.

Although the UK registered its highest inflation rate since the 1990s this year, ticket prices have been slowly rising ever since 1979. 

COST OF MUSIC CRISIS: The graph shows the slow increase of Glastonbury ticket prices over the years. CREDIT: Glastonbury

Figures from Glastonbury show a steady increase in ticket prices each decade, with the prices jumping from £5 in 1979 to £175 in 2009.

This year’s increase is the steepest rise in prices that the festival has ever seen. 

The trend has remained consistent throughout the festival’s history, even during periods of low inflation. 

While inflation remained relatively low from 1995 to 2005, ticket prices continued to slowly increase with the decade registering a £60 increase in prices. 

Despite the consistently increasing ticket prices, the festival continues to draw massive crowds with more than 200,000 music fans attending each year. 

INFLATING: Rates of inflation from 1979 to the present day. CREDIT: Macrotrends

The increase in ticket prices has not deterred attendee Dan Linton who has been to Glastonbury four times. 

He said: “It has never put me off.

“I see my Glastonbury ticket as a holiday and I save from not going to shows during the year in order to get the full experience.” 

Although the increase did not prevent Linton from going to Glastonbury this year, he explained how everything else at the festival, including food and drinks, has also been steadily increasing. 

In regards to the acts performing, Linton said: “One thing about Glastonbury is that the music is amazing. 

“It’s five days of some of the best musicians in the world and Kendrick Lamar stole the show for me personally this year.”

Elton John has been officially confirmed to headline the Pyramid Stage on Sunday at 2023’s edition of the festival. 

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