Gaming tournament in Croydon set for next month

A gaming tournament will take place in a Croydon arcade next month.

BIG LAB: Holiday Fest will be held at The Heart of Gaming on 4 December.

The tournament, an expansion of the venue’s weekly competition LAB, will see entrants face off in popular platform fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. 

Tournament organiser Megi, who runs gaming events across London and Wales, said: “Each tournament is different and I look forward to seeing how Big LAB: Holiday Fest turns out.

“I don’t profit from this in any way – I do it for the community.”

The venue fee for the event is £15 for contestants and £10 for spectators, with entry into the singles tournament costing an additional £7.

An entry cap of 192, three times that of regular LAB, means the arcade will only be accessible to pre-registered attendees while the competition is ongoing.

Signup for competitors close on 29 November, with 60 spots already taken.

However, spectator registration is open until the day of the event.  

Entrants are required to bring their own controllers and Gamecube adapters.

A prize pool taken from tournament fees will be split between the top four placing players, with the winner taking a 50% share. 

This is the fifth Big LAB tournament to take place at The Heart of Gaming. 

LAB, formerly Smash in Croydon, started in 2016 and has held over 100 smaller events in this time. 

Regular attendee Brandon Rochester, known at tournaments as Darkstalker, has been going to LAB since its inception.

He said: “It was a completely different experience to what it is now and the scene has improved a lot.

“We’ve done a lot to promote LAB, so seeing it grow has been a huge boost to everyone’s confidence in our local.”  

He added: “It’s very welcoming here, which is great for newer players.”

The Heart of Gaming is located at 44-46 North End and is open between 12-10pm from Thursday to Sunday.

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