‘Who’ knew! Guitar legend set to rock Twickenham with intimate gig

The Who guitarist Simon Townshend will perform his hits in an intimate gig tomorrow in Twickenham.

Townshend will play a one-off gig at the Eel Pie Club, London Road, Twickenham, just before he finishes his 2014 tour with the legendary English rock band.

The guitarist is using the gig to promote his album Denial, which was released earlier this year.

Townshend has recently been jet-setting around the USA with rock legend Roger Daltrey of The Who, but says he is excited to be playing at the popular Twickenham venue.

“I have played there before about two years ago and it was great. It was packed out and it is a nice place. In terms of being a venue, I felt it was particularly good,” he said.

“The location is central to everyone, it isn’t too far out in Twickenham, so people who live in west London will be able to make it down there easier.

“It’s where I am from as well, so I will get a lot of fans coming down.”

Denial was released in January of this year and he was able to successfully promote it in the USA while on tour.

The singer is hopeful that his gig at the Eel Pie Club can help publicise the album to his British fanbase.

He said: “I am fairly pleased, it has been pretty slow over here and better in America because I went over and toured it.

“Obviously, here in England I haven’t had a chance to promote it properly yet.

“This is partly what the Eel Pie gig is about – to get it launched and make people aware of it.”

Now in the UK, THEWHOHITS50! tour is nearing conclusion in 2014 with back-to-back gigs at the O2 Arena.

Townshend is delighted to be back playing in his home city.

“It is going to be great, you know it’s always going to be good in London, hometown and all that, ” he said.

“We’ve got two back-to-back shows at the O2,so the main thing for us is pacing ourselves and especially for Roger Daltrey, it is a tough show.”

The singer is pleased with the reviews the band has received since the beginning of their tour and he is hopeful that things can only get better.

It is going to be a very busy few months for Townshend who will go on tour, supporting From The Jam next January, before starting the second leg of The Who tour in the USA and performing at Hyde Park in the summer.

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Picture courtesy of Alan Barnes, with thanks

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