REVIEW: Why Gogglebox makes society look in the mirror

A bunch of armchair critics who we watch watching our favourite shows, what’s not to love?

One reason to love Gogglebox is getting a snippet of all the trending shows right now, getting a good taste of a new programme you might not have watched before. They always show the most shocking / talked about moments to really capture your attention and get people talking.

Another thing I love about Gogglebox is the diverse groups of people you see, it is reflected on who you would see walking the street in the UK. It has a great mix of families, couples and friends who all serve different purposes, but overall they are funny and it is a guaranteed smile on your face.

On Friday’s episode we saw programmes such as Formula One: Drive to Survive, This is Going to Hurt and Byron baes. Such a broad spectrum of programs which I would not have watched otherwise. The hour-long episode was entertaining and informative as always.

Particular fan favourites are sibling duo Sophie and Pete, husband and wife Giles and Mary and couple Steven and Daniel but that’s just a few names of the fantastic line up. Some of my favourites also include sisters Ellie and Izzy, the Braggs family and the Siddiquis.

I can certainly say there is a guaranteed laugh when watching and I recommend it to everyone.

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