REVIEW: Jersey Shore Family Vacation just a filler

Despite lots of drama the previous season, I was left with the feeling I was watching a filler episode as I tuned in for season five, episode three of Jersey Shore. 

It was one of the simpler episodes, with few highlights.

On the last episode of Family Vacation there was a group brunch hosted by Pauly D. Angelina was extremely fed up with roommates mocking her troubled marriage and bringing up a video of her with what they referred to as her ‘side piece’. 

This sparked so much drama last season in a whirlwind which also saw Angelina claim to have heard that Vinny “got a girl pregnant.”

This resulted in a flurry of activity, as Pauline’s response was to leap onto a video call with Vinny while Chris doubled down on the fabricated rumours leaving Vinnie angered. 

Later on in the episode tensions were on the rise as Vinnie confronted  Angelina about the rumour. 

Angelina continued to insist it was something she had just heard, although we saw her admit earlier to making up the rumour. Vinny told Angelina that if she lied to him on camera, they couldn’t be close friends anymore because it meant he couldn’t trust her. 

I can tell this rumour will bite Angelina throughout the rest of the season and will cause a rift between her and Vinny. 

With  Vinny being  the most unproblematic person on the show, for Angelina to pick him of all people was a mistake. She has decided to start the season off extremely messy. Wrong move Angelina, wrong move.

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