Review: A night to remember on Queer Eye

Watch for an instant mood booster. 

This season six episode, ‘A night to remember’  is everything you want from a cheesy prom fairy god-mother type situation. 

Rather than helping an individual, in this episode, the Fab Five help an American high school prom committee in the chaos of the pandemic to actualise their prom dreams. 

Although this sounds like every teenage prom movie plot and it more or less is, it’s undeniably heartwarming, fun and the feels hopeful in an uncertain time. 

Jonathan Van Ness takes the lead by far with this one, glittering as they strut into the room and hyping up the high schoolers in the best scene, where the prom committee each get hair makeovers. 

I think you’d be mad not to want JVN on your hype team. The ending as you’d expect follows the high schoolers to their prom and as is usual with makeovers, the results are pretty satisfying. 

That being said, I do prefer their usual show format helping one individual to see more of a personal transformation. 

But, all in all this episode feels like a kind deed and provides the same serotonin boost as the rest of the season.

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