COMMENT: Jersey Shore vacation shows how reality TV navigates growing up

The cast of Jersey Shore have lived out their 20s on the big screen. 

This within itself is a very strange way to live out your younger years. They went from partying, hooking-up and fist pumping on the Jersey Shore to families children and marriage on Jersey Shore vacation. 

Their lives are completely different. The cast remain the same in spirit but some have changed for the better and some have remained the same. The show has dealt with a lot of topics and often reflects back on the past.

 Micheal Sorrentino has faced a tough time dealing with addiction throughout his time on Jersey Shore that we were not aware of for years until the spin off show. 

He has been sober for six years now and after being arrested and serving time for tax evasion he is now a changed man with a wife and child. He went from being the Jersey Shore villain to the confider of the group. 

It’s amazing to see him grow and establish himself again and show the viewers who he has become.

Jennifer Lynn Farley has dealt with divorce from the father of her children and navigating the world of dating and finding love again whilst raising children. I say all this to say that the show hasn’t lost its spark and they use the time together to vacation with each other still and occasionally still go wild and party – reminiscent of older years. The show has not lost its way although the topic and aim has changed the spirit of the show still remains.

The idea of going through trials and tribulations on television and in front of the viewing public would be extremely intrusive.

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable when your relations aren’t going to plan when you are facing big issues within your life.

Baring all in the public eye must be hard but also rewarding when showing growth and growing up and facing bigger issues showing to the world that you are human.

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