COMMENT: Apprentice return showed us what we’ve all been missing

After a two-year break because of the pandemic, it’s safe to say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone when it comes to The Apprentice.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this programme each year, it’s never short of entertainment in the challenges, the programme is always full of confident (borderline arrogant) characters so it’s hard to get bored while watching.

This year fan-favourite Claud Littner is missing after he suffered a bad injury to his leg, however it created a nice mix up as he was replaced by series one winner Tim Campbell.

Tim has brought a great perspective over the series, previously being part of the series himself it feels he really knows what Lord Sugar is looking for also it’s always nice to have a small change on a classic series.

Claud fans, do not panic though, as he is back for the interview stage of the programme so we do see him at some point.

As always there is a real mix of backgrounds from the candidates, such as Brittany Carter, who previously worked as an office manager in a hotel group and Alex Short who owns a cleaning company, unfortunately these two candidates haven’t made it to the final two.

The girls in the final two are Katryn Burns, owner of pyjama company ‘My Everyday Pyjamas’ and Harpreet Kaur who owns bakery ‘Barnis’, despite her banking background. 

It was great to see an all female final four which is a first for the show, girl power! Closely missing the final was Brittany Carter and Stephanie Afflek, however this did mean they reached my favourite episode, the interview stage.

If you aren’t aware, the interview stage is where the final four (usually five but that is a different story) get grilled by industry experts and let’s just say they don’t go easy on them. 

As someone who gets nervous for a normal job interview I know I’m not cut out for this. All you need to do is type into YouTube ‘apprentice interviews best moments’ and you can get an idea on how this goes down.

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