The best strategies to use when betting on Wimbledon this summer

Summer is finally here. Up and down the UK, people are taking to coastal areas and parklands. Trees and flowers are in full bloom taking in every drop of sunshine. In London, especially south west London summer brings an extra special event. Of course, we are talking about Wimbledon.

Scheduled for July 1, it one of the season’s highlights. Supermarkets and vendors will already be stocking up on strawberries, cream, champagne and prosecco. For two weeks, south west London will host one of the most celebrated tennis events in the world. In fact, over 40,000 spectators will attend Wimbledon including royals and celebrities.

Spectators come from London and further afield all to watch the tournament unfold. Whilst everyone has their favourite tennis player, some visitors have more at stake. Choosing to place bets on the outcomes. Although it might not immediately spring to mind when you think of the typical sports associated with online betting, tennis is surprisingly well suited to it. In addition to the overall popularity of the game, the quick pace of play, coupled with long, open-ended matches, makes it prime territory for trying out new betting strategies. In fact, tennis offers more variables and more markets than most sports out there, making it one of the best sports around for value betting. This short article gives you a few quick tips that will give you an insight on how to bet on tennis.

Keep an eye out for the unknown seed

Historically, those players identified as favourites in the pre-tournament games tend to perform well in Grand Slam events in both men’s and women’s tennis. However, tennis is also a sport that has provided some of the greatest upsets in sporting history. As such, it’s always good to pay attention to the underdogs and outside favourites in the pre-tournament games. If you get in early while the odds are in your favour, all the better. To do this, make sure you pay attention to both the seed rankings of players as well as any general buzz they seem to be getting. Seeded players will typically start out as the bookie’s favourites in any tournaments over unseeded players, but do not let it make you miss an opportunity to win big.

Know your serves and returns

A highly popular form of betting on tennis matches is in-play betting. Here, bettors place a wager on a match on a game-by-game basis, usually while the play is unfolding live. In these conditions, a basic knowledge of the minutiae of serves and returns can go a long way. In a game of tennis, serving is one of the few times during a match when how the play unfolds is entirely in the players’ hands. Typically, there is an 80% probability that if players serve, they win the point. You can incorporate this statistical fact in your strategy by paying attention to not only how the individual matches are unfolding, but also to the serving and returning stats of players going into games. These stats are listed for every player on the pro circuit and can be a substantial weapon in any would-be bettor’s arsenal.

Pay attention to surface type

One of the biggest factors in the performance of players is the surface they play on. When betting on a specific player, always take into account any stats you have on their previous performance on a given surface. Usually, their performance in a given match will be in line with their preference for a specific playing surface. One of the all-time great examples of this is Rafael Nadal, who is known for his competency on clay. However, when it comes to grass, there is always a degree of uncertainty. Knowing stats like these is a great way of boosting your likelihood of success when placing a bet, and this information is readily available on the respective pro-circuit websites.

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