WATCH: The V&A Museum’s free lunchtime concerts

In December, the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum held a series of free lunchtime concerts to give people an opportunity to inject some culture into their daily working lives.

Performing on this particular day in South Kensington were violinist Lucilla Rose Mariotti and clarinet player Raphael Froissart.

Both performers boasted beautiful performances that were played in perfect harmony with one another. 

While the clarinet and violin are seldom played together, both Mariotti and Froissart specifically arranged their performance to highlight the best of both instruments. 

With the recently announced budget cuts to the English National Opera in London, questions have been raised about the importance of arts and culture in today’s society. 

The existence of accessible and approachable concerts such as this one reinforces that classical music is for everyone. 

The V&A is the world’s leading art and design museum, and so they are keen to enrich the lives of their visitors to the highest standard and the free lunchtime concerts were just a part of that.

To see snippets of the free lunchtime concert and to hear from Lucilla Rose Mariotti herself, watch the video below. 

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