Review: Rebecca Ferguson at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Former X-Factor runner up Rebecca Ferguson wowed the crowd at Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Sunday February 11.

Embarking on her latest UK tour, the Empire felt like the perfect venue for the soul sensation as she filled the stage with effortless ease.

The quietly confident singer, sashayed her way onto the stage in a show stopping sparkling two-piece outfit with flared trousers that was reminiscent of the disco fashion of the late 1970s.

The crowd erupted into a rapturous applause as the hard-hitting lyrics of ‘All That I’ve Got’ and her  distinctive voice emanated from the stage captivating the audience.

Accompanied by her band and two back-up singers, their energy kept the audience fixated on the stage as Ferguson showcased her unique vocals.

She performed an array of songs from her previous albums including fan favourites, ‘Nothings Real But Love’,  ‘I Hope,’ and ‘Bones.’

The singer addressed the crowd in her mesmerising Liverpudlian accent, a stark contrast from her soulful voice as she talked to the audience about the next track she’d perform, ‘Shoulder to Shoulder.’

Describing the track as the “most emotional song” that she has ever written, her inspiration was drawn from personal experiences and she wrote it for people who had not been “taught how to love.”

Her words resonated with the crowd as a member of the audience shouted out, “You’re perfect! Absolutely perfect.”

Ferguson chuckled and responded, “Ta, love.”

This interaction between Ferguson and the audience certainly delighted the crowd and added to the intimate feel of the live show.

It is impossible to deny the powerful range of Ferguson’s voice as she switched from her own music to performing covers of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You,’ Etta James, ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ and Tina Turner’s ‘Proud Mary.’

The most surprising cover of the night was her performance of Stormzy’s ‘Blinded By Your Grace,’ as Ferguson said: “I’m not a rapper but I’m going to give it a go.”

An absolutely stunning rendition of the song, Ferguson’s ability to go from smooth and slow melodic harmonies to singing fast lyrics with multiple syllables in a rap verse was impressive.

Throughout parts of the show, Ferguson recounts stories that have happened in her life as the impetus behind her music including being told to write ‘happy’ songs at a time in her life that she described as a ‘crappy time.’

She talked about the difficulty of failed relationships and heartbreak that certainly added a level of realness making her relatable to her fans, most notably, with her song ‘Superwoman.’

Closing the show with ‘Proud Mary,’ Ferguson had the whole venue on their feet as she performed with such infectious enthusiasm you could not help but sing along.

It was clear to see that Ferguson is truly in her element when she performs and her soulful voice expresses heartfelt emotion effortlessly, she certainly had the crowd moved.

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