How to make your banner stands – stand out!

By SWL staff
August 12 2020, 11.25

It is essential that you take your time and get all your advertising material correct. Advertising is essential to all businesses in this world.

It is how the people get to know about your presence and understand what you have to offer. Hence, designing your promotional and marketing tools such as flyers, leaflets, banners, etc. without ambiguity becomes essential for your reputation. 

Designing any of your marketing material is equally important, especially when you’re displaying it on big billboards to banner stands. Designing a banner stand is about understanding your company and your brand, it’s objective, and at the same time, the viewers’ demand and bind them all together to represent in a design that pleases them all. How do we do this? Here are a few points that might help.

Design to match the location 

Before jumping right into the designing part, make sure you know where you’re going to use the banner stands. Are you going to use it for one single event or in multiple locations? Locations and events directly have an impact on your designs. If you’re using it for a busy location like a mall or exhibition, you would want to keep minimum texts and add more graphics to attract attention and quickly add the important details where it is easily visible.

On the other hand, if you’re using it for a business meeting, or a museum, you may add more details and keep short on the graphics, due to the informative nature of the location and event. Your event and location decide your banner stand designs to attract the audience’s attention. 

Adding a CTA

Staying at the top of your game in any business should be the goal of many businesses. To stand out in the crowd, you need to have something unique to offer to the audience. Hence, sometimes enhancing your USP to a Call-to-Action (CTA) is just what you need to stand out. 

Adding a CTA in your banner stands promotes optimistic actions. Twisting your unique selling point into a CTA creates a lot of difference in your approach and enhances your USP. For instance, if your USP is “pure organic products” you can turn it into “Get pure organic products today!”. This may be a slight change but has a significant impact.

Be precise

While designing a banner may seem easy, deciding what to put on the banner can be equally challenging, especially when you have vast knowledge and few words to express. However, it is important that you keep things short and precise. Sometimes adding too many things can result in a confusing banner display. Providing short bullet points and key messages in the banner are sufficient to convey everything that can be conveyed through a poster. The banner stand is meant to be engaging and not conversational. 

Adding social icons and contact details 

It is not often that people stand in front of a banner and note the contact details of a company. Hence, try avoiding contact details and covering space in your banner. Handing over a business card or a flyer would be a smart move. However, adding social icons on the banner is a smarter move. With social media, information is just a click away. Adding social media icons will help the audience reach you even after moving away from your banner stand. 

High-quality images

Never, I repeat never go for a low-quality graphic, picture, text, or any other thing that you may use in your banner. Your banner stand represents what you are and what your company is about. As they say, a picture speaks louder than words, a low-quality display will have a negative impression on your audience. While using images is a very good idea, ensuring that it is of high resolution is equally important. 

Sort Out Your Priorities

Sorting out your most important details is important because that will be highlighted in your banner. Whether it’s your logo, company’s name, your USP, or a key message, you may decide it for yourself or sort them out accordingly for display. 

You must pay attention to the concise details you want to highlight so that you don’t make a mess of the display. Moreover, the psychological impact of highlighted points on the audience is another thing one must consider before choosing what to put at the top. 

Plan a Successful Banner Stand!

Keeping all the points in mind, you’re ready to create a banner that is attractive and not unnecessarily exaggerated for a display. 

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