A woman at the London Dungeon taking an axe to a football

London Dungeon offer football-free haven during Euros

For those tired of Southgate’s tactical play or Scotland’s unpredictable footwork, the London Dungeon provide an escape into the darkest periods of history. 

As the Euros ignite football fever across the nation, the London Dungeon is offering a chilling alternative for those looking to escape the frenzy. 

With up to 40% off entry every time England plays, the London Dungeon provides a historical refuge from the summer’s sporting hysteria.

Visitors can delve into the darkest secrets of the past instead of enduring Southgate’s tactical play. 

The discount is available on Sunday 16th June, Thursday 20th June, and Tuesday 25th June, with additional dates to be added if England advances in the competition.

The London Dungeon is renowned for its immersive journey through the city’s macabre history. 

Guests encounter notorious figures such as Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd while navigating through spine-chilling recreations of London’s darkest eras. 

The experience combines live actors, special effects, and thrilling rides, offering a unique blend of horror and history.

The Dungeons, including those in York, Edinburgh, and Blackpool, are also partaking in this promotion. 

However, the London Dungeon stands out with its rich tapestry of local lore and gruesome tales, making it an ideal escape for Londoners and tourists alike.

Tickets with the discount are limited, so visitors are encouraged to book online to avoid disappointment and ensure they don’t end up watching more football. 

General Manager at The York Dungeon Mark Mattison remarked: “As the majority of the nation becomes plagued by football fever this summer, The Dungeons has the antidote for any non-football loving foes. 

“Whether you love or loathe football, we’re delighted to offer up to 40% off entry whenever England or Scotland play during the Euros. 

“This hopefully provides a not-so-safe sanctuary for those left uninspired by football to hide out amongst infamous faces until the horrors on the pitch are over.”

For more details and to access the offer, visit the London Dungeon’s official website.

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