Artist unveils one-day exhibition in Battersea on Saturday

Painter Christopher Jones presented his fourth showcase ‘Not the Summer Exhibition‘ on Saturday, June 16 at The Square Gallery in Battersea.

Originally from Neath, Wales, his artistic journey started some years ago when he studied at a high school in Norway.

Excited about the exhibition, Mr Jones said: “Painting is my diary. I communicate in paint better than I do in writing.

“I tend to go (visit the places) and take photos and paint weeks later

“It was fun to put everything together.”

Taking pictures of the places he visits, painting weeks later using these photos as inspiration, painting over the first draft and using a knife to come back over the first colours he used, are part of his characteristic style.

“I’m not afraid to destroy things,” he added.

After his lasts trips to Madrid and Granada in Spain and New York in the States, he confirmed Madrid is one of his favourites places to find inspiration.

Mr Jones said: “In Spain is probably the light because you see colours in the landscape.”


From New York, he highlighted the vision of the buildings and the skyscrapers.

However, he also finds the spark in the places he visits more often.

He said: “I think that London is a fascinating source of inspiration.”

From the morning walk to visiting other exhibitions in the capital, he says that taking time for yourself to think can be the spur to find something else on the routinely stuff.

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