Birdy is back flying high with her first concert for six years

British singer Birdy toured for the first time in six years showcasing her new album “Heartbreaker”.

“I wrote this album after the end of an affair,” she told her audience at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Her signature voice came with the shining light. The crowd was warmed up by her energetic and illusive purple and pink light after a long queue under rain.

She sounded shy, but her singing skills are more experienced than a few years ago.

The venue was full but many people chose to stand in the aisle. The crowd was silent during her first few songs.

Maybe it’s because we haven’t heard her live for so long time.

SONG BIRD: playing guitar to delight the audience Pic:  Jian Feng

Everyone focused deeply in the music, with warm applause after each song from the English singer-songwriter.

Even though I have listened to “Skinny love” many times, I still lost myself in her voice when she sang it in front of me.

The sound made me forgot my worries as I completely relaxed.

A young man, George, seating beside me was cheering for his friend, one of the singers in the band with Birdy.

He said: “I never heard about Birdy’s songs until my friend recommended me. I love her songs so much.

“I am so jealous of my friend that she can stay close to her.”

The show’s lighting was excellent with several changing colours to match the vibe of different songs.

Birdy won the music competition Open Mic UK in 2008 when she was only 12 years old. The song that gained the popularity was her cover version of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love”.

The singer started to learn piano aged just seven and started to write her own songs a year later.

Unlike other singers, Birdy didn’t rush to gain popularity. She chose to slow down and find her own speciality.

Besides her original song, she delivered her take on “Running up that hill”. She changed the melody faster than the original.

This talented young singer showed all her musical skills to the audience with each song. This included piano, guitar and, of course, her voice.

She continued to perform “Arms” as the first time to the public. I liked the way she explored new style through her new songs like “Voyager” and “Raincatchers.”

The concert ended with “Wings” with Birdy seated and playing the piano.

The audience was excited and stood waving their hands and showing their love to Birdy.

Featured image credit: Jian Feng

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