REVIEW: My Extraordinary family proves you shouldn’t judge parenting by appearances 

There is a lot more to a parent than meets the eye – as we’ve seen in My Extraordinary Family. 

The episode I’m Judged for Being a Hot Mom’ follows 31-year-old Jen Ferguson, who lives in New York with her 43-year-old husband Stephen and their three children Levi, Lincoln and Parker.

Jen likes wearing outfits that show skin and cleavage, often being judged for her liberal outfit choices. She even has a playboy bunny costume.

Jen believes that women are jealous of the confidence that she has. She states just because she’s confident, it doesn’t mean she is extremely into herself. 

Furthermore, she loves cosmetic procedures. Her first was a breast augmentation in 2015.

Plastic surgery also makes her feel more confident.

She said: “I have insecurities just like all other women in the world and for me, if I’m able to afford it and I’m able to do it, I you know do it.”

Jen has wanted to be a Mum her whole life, having her son Levi at the age of 19. 

She is also a step-mother to Stephen’s two sons. The couple have faced issues with Stephen’s family who ‘haven’t reacted well to Jen’ most likely due to their old school views.

Overall, this episode offers a quick look into this mother’s life. Whilst her dress sense doesn’t agree with everyone, there is no doubt she is an excellent mother. 

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