Wimbledon’s celebrity parrots fell deeper in love during lockdown

YouTubers Nimall Fernando and Claire Atallah, both 32, became internet sensations after posting a short Youtube video back in December 2016.

The video, Mikey The Macaw (Our First Month), received thousands of views and after a huge demand for more content, Nimall and Claire started writing songs about Mikey and creating vlogs and educational content about macaw parrots.

Now their YouTube channel has over 134,000 subscribers. 

In 2018 the couple adopted Mia but Nimall said that Mikey and Mia used to hate each other.

Nimall was also worried that if the parrots did eventually bond, they would be too smitten to care about Mum and Dad anymore.

But thankfully the increased time Nimall, Claire and the parrots have spent with each other during lockdown has brought them all closer together.

In 2017 SWL wrote a story about Nimall, Claire and Mikey’s rise to fame that you can read about here.

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