Sky TV airs Jacqueline Wilson’s Little Darlings book starring 90s Jamelia and Lemar

Jacqueline Wilson’s Little Darlings is set to show on Sky TV today as a four-part series starring 90s music stars Jamelia and Lemar.

The four-part series is a take on the best-selling 2010 children’s novel co-produced by Jonny Wright and Nathan Bryon.

Little Darling follows the comical and emotional fallout when two very different families are thrown together.

The main focus for the show was to bring diversity in children’s television, not only on screen but behind the scenes in the making of the series.

Co-writer and co-creator, Jonny Wright from Tooting, said: “It was really good to see the diversity in the audience at the premiere.

“When I was a child watching tv shows there was black presenters like Andy Peters, but I didn’t see any black families.

“And for me we were really passionate about showing a positive representation of a black family.

“There’s a pressure to make this model minority of a perfect family.

“We wanted to share flaws as well as a positive representation of children and parents.

“I hope children from all backgrounds can see themselves reflected in this show which I think is really important.

“Hopefully we get a second season after this show.

“I hope it’s success can lead to more black shows being on children’s television and the start of more diversity in the industry.”

As well as featuring on Sky Kids TV and Now TV, the four-part series will also be released as a film on Sky Cinema.

The mini-series follows the life of 11-year-old Destiny, played by Janae Vito. 

Destiny has no idea her father is a famous rock star, Danny Kilman, played by Lemar.

The show reunites 90s superstars, Lemar and Jamelia, 17 years later, playing mum and dad in the show.

The pair were last seen at the Brit Awards in 2005 when Lemar won British Urban Act which was presented by Jamelia herself.

The singer songwriter, Jamelia, who stars as Kate in the show, took to Instagram to share snaps from the premiere in Leicester square VUE.

Along with the post she captioned: “It was a truly special event, which accompanied this important film perfectly!

“Mothers and fathers recognising themselves and the love they share with their families.

“To see something, we worked so hard on come to life was overwhelming to say the least.

“Little Darlings is its own beautiful world, full of life, full of colour and authenticity.”

The show has caught the attraction of many stars including Beverly Knight and Vanessa Phelps who went to the premiere.

SNAPPED: The cast (middle), Director (left) and Co-producer (right)

With Rochelle Hume who has also expressed her support on Instagram for the shows release on Sky TV.

Little Darlings comes to Sky Kids and streaming service NOWTV from 11th February 2022 and will be available on-demand.

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