Lime Garden start the party at Brixton Academy

In late December word rang out around the city of Brighton like Church bells that local up-and-coming band Lime Garden had harpooned the mother of all support slots, opening a sold-out show for chart-topping IDLES

As if this news was not amazing enough, it just so happened to be taking place at the world-famous Brixton Academy in just under a month. How’s that for a winter evening? 

As guitarist Leila Deeley, 22, recalls, they “didn’t believe it at first” and that they were “so excited”. 

So, last month I  headed up to Brixton, ready to see my two favourite bands united under one exceptionally large roof, surrounded by 5,000 others. 

The show was a smash hit, Lime Garden looking like naturals in a venue nearly 10 times bigger than any they have ever played before. 

They lit the fireworks that burnt the whole night through, with singer Chloe Howard’s playful, sardonic lyrics commanding an audience that flooded through the doors as the music began. 

Tippi Morgan, Bassist of Lime Garden

Guitarist Leila Deeley ducked and dove in ethereal slow-motion, swinging her arms high above her head and wielding her whammy bar like a magic wand, whilst Bassist Tippi Morgan held down the groove with her thumping, danceable basslines, allowing Drummer Annabel Whittle to let loose, nailing drum fills and supplying the backbeat to a hugely successful show. 

Behind it all simmered pre-recorded synth lines that glistened, bubbled – and where needed – cut through to centre stage. 

Lime Garden lapped up the well-deserved applause that reverberated around the hallowed stage of Brixton Academy. 

Drummer Annabel, 22, described how she thought they “would feel more nervous, but it was just so many people and so overwhelming that it almost didn’t feel real.” 

Throughout the set, the crowd that had grown from mere hundreds as they walked on-stage to thousands when they left. It was a perfect representation of their growth from teenagers learning their craft to their sudden meteoric rise, playing alongside some of the UK’s biggest bands. 

They were followed by main support Jehnny Beth and finally IDLES, on the third of a four night sold-out residency at the venue, their live energy and ferocious musicianship completing an already perfect evening. 

As the venue emptied and the smoke machines spluttered to sleep, Lime Garden had the silence and the space to reflect on one of the highlights of their lives so far. 

Guitarist Leila smiled as she thought of the feeling of playing in front of so many people, stating “like Annabel said I thought we’d feel much more nervous, but the noisy crowd really helped us to feel at home on the stage.” It is the magic of nights like these that propel bands like Lime Garden into the spotlight, and as Leila puts it, “I could definitely get used to playing gigs like that every night!”

Annabel tells us Lime Garden are “supporting dream wife on a couple of their tour dates,” so be sure you do not miss out!

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