Prince Philip and his history with the Royal Albert Hall

Prince Philip was always a part of the Royal Albert Hall, making many appearances with the Queen since 1948.

The Duke of Edinburgh visited the hall over 108 times before retiring from his official royal duties in 2017.

The Kensington Hall has played host to many royal guests, ever since the venue was built 150 years ago.

Chief executive of the Royal Albert Hall, Craig Hassall, said: “It’s always a great honour to welcome the royal family to the hall, and exciting for everyone involved with their visit.

“We have had hundreds of royal visits over the years – for events like the Festival of Remembrance, the Royal Variety Show, and the Queen’s birthday, and have a well-established process in place for managing them.

“The Duke of Edinburgh attended quite a range of events here, from a charity wrestling competition to the premiere of Die Another Day in 2002!”

The first event Prince Philip attended was the boxing finals of the Federation of London Boys Clubs on 2 March 1948, shortly after becoming the clubs’ patron, while the most recent event was the Festival of Remembrance on 11 November 2017.

Although just months into his retirement, the Duke came out for one night to pay his respects to the fallen at the Royal Festival of Remembrance event.

Each year, the Festival of Remembrance is held at the Royal Albert Hall to honour those who fought and died in conflicts past and present.

The evening always ends with a traditional two-minute silence and the falling of one million poppy petals, each one representing a life lost.

The duke continued to maintain an association with the Armed Forces since his own military career came to an end in 1951.

Prince Philip has always paid his respects to honour the British Military which explains his attendance at the Royal Albert Hall during his retirement.

The hall has also hosted many events to commemorate royal birthdays, charity festivals and ceremonies.

Prince Philip, the longest-serving consort to a monarch, made a visit with Queen Elizabeth II to attend a special 80th Birthday Prom held in her honour in 2006.

The hall also held a special concert to mark the 45th anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and his 80th birthday.

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Featured image credit: David Iliff via Wikipedia Commons  License: CC BY-SA 3.0

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