The Wildhearts talk to us ahead of Brixton gig to promote new album Renaissance Men

The Wildhearts are back after a ten-year hiatus, playing Brixton tomorrow as part of a UK tour coinciding with the release of their new album Renaissance Men.

It’s not a coincidence that the new album and UK tour also see the return of bassist Danny McCormack.

Guitarist CJ Wildheart said: “Danny is back in the band and we hit the road in May, playing new tunes and all the old hits.

“It’s only been 10 years since our last release and we have a monster album on its way.

“I can’t wait and I know the boys are super bloody excited for this!”

Lead singer Ginger explained how Danny’s return completed the chemical bond that sparked the new album and tour.

Ginger also cited the fantastic response from longtime fans at 2018’s Britrock Must Be Destroyed Tour!

Ginger said: “We were genuinely moved by the reaction of fans.”

The audience reception at the Britrock Must Be Destroyed Tour!, where the band played alongside fellow 90’s rockers Reef and Terrorvision, was the catalyst that had them back in the studio and back on the road.

The band formed in 1994 as an antidote to the wave of Seattle grunge taking over the UK’s airwaves. The Wildhearts are back with the ‘classic’ line-up of Ginger, CJ, Ritch Battersby and Danny McCormack.

The new album Renaissance Men has been getting rave reviews, being described as ‘darker and heavier’ than 2009’s ¡Chutzpah!

This album directly attacks current injustices and concerns; tackling mental health issues in Dislocated, the uncompromising opening track.

Ginger is alarmed at the apathy of today’s youth and the fleeting music of the YouTube generation.

He cites society’s acceptance for the status quo as a real concern along with the cynicism and sneering towards people who are trying to make a difference, such as 15-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

He said: “Where is the anger, why do they have to leave it up to old guys like us?”

He added: “Brexit, don’t get me started, I’ll be here all day, it’s a distraction, designed to keep us from focusing on the real issue of climate change.”

With a career spanning nearly 30 years, The Wildhearts helped change the landscape of British rock through the 90s, and they show no sign of slowing down.

Ginger affirmed that fans can expect a renewed work ethic from the band, similar to rock stalwarts Motörhead and ACDC, releasing albums and touring annually.

The new album Renaissance Men is out now.

Tickets to see The Wildhearts on May 9 at Electric Brixton are available here.

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