‘An hour of sisterly bickering flies by’: Sisters opens at Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham North

Sisters at the Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham North explores the clash between modernity and tradition in the relationship between two half-sisters.

The latest offering from theatre company Audley & Co productions writer and director Natalie Audley presents a humorous exploration of two half-sisters’ opposing attitudes to modern romance.

The two-woman show centres on the fraught relationship of Abbie, played by East 15 trained actress Charlie Lees-Massey, and Juliet, played by Emily Ambler.

Set on the eve of younger sister Abbie’s wedding, self-avowed black sheep Juliet ceaselessly tries to convince her that her soon-to-be-husband Luke is the wrong man for her.

And for that matter, that she should not be with a man at all.

Citing his unfunny fellatio-themed jokes and casual use of the term ‘slut’, Juliet accuses Luke to be nothing more than a ‘sexist w****r’.

Exasperated, and convinced that Juliet is merely jealous, Abbie defends her fiancé.

“When I look at him I see the father of my children,” she insists.

But Abbie’s resolve weakens when she learns that Erin – her ex-girlfriend from six years ago –  is in attendance of the wedding as Juliet’s plus one. Through no coincidence.

Initially infuriated by this development, Abbie finds herself unexpectedly rekindling her old flame later that evening.

The following morning – with one hour to go until her wedding – Abbie is torn between two options: fulfil the expectations of friends and family by following through with the wedding, or be true to her own sexuality.

In confessing her affair with Erin to Juliet, Lees-Massey as Abbie convincingly darts between moments of wistful longing and the obstinate will to follow through.

In supporting Abbie to come to a making a decision, Ambler as Juliet succeeds brilliantly in portraying role of a loving sister veiled in an abrasive and sarcastic exterior.

Audley’s script, filled to the brim with hilarious insults and quick-witted comebacks, makes, what is in essence an hour of sisterly bickering, fly by.

Sisters encourages the audience to reflect on the familial and societal expectations that are placed on marriage and reminds us that we should not let them govern us.

In discussing future plans for the show, Audley is currently exploring adapting Sisters in to a feature-length film.

For those interested in discovering Abbie’s final decision – Sisters runs at the Bread and Roses Theatre in Clapham North until Saturday, February 11 2017.

For more information and tickets, click here.

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