Theatre review: Priscilla Queen of the Desert @ New Wimbledon Theatre

Priscilla is certainly not for the easily offended.

With its filthy language, rampant sexual quips and a surprising trick with some ping-pong balls the show revs the crowd like an old bike engine from start to finish.

Based on the comedy-drama film of the same name, Priscilla tells the tale of three Sydney drag artistes (Jason Donavon, Adam Bailey and Simon Green),  who all looking to inject some colour into their lives.

They accept a gig in Alice Springs and trek through the outback on a bus they name Priscilla.

During their journey through the outback the trio face hostile locals and an endearing mechanic and as they start to emotionally invest in each other, the audience starts to care for them too.

Despite a fairly uniform, over-exaggerated style throughout the performances, Priscilla manages to boast some of the most impressive costume design, ranging from angelic divas to flamboyant lime green cakes.

The spinning illuminated bus, suspension harnesses and thorough use of the stage space ensures the audience is left not knowing what to expect next.

And if the staging wasn’t enough of a feast for the senses then disco divas will love classic hits including Finally, I Will Survive and Go West.

Jason Donovan reprised his role as drag queen Tick and appeared to have slipped back into his flamboyant lycra, marabou feathers and flip-flop ensemble with ease.

But The hidden stars of Priscilla are definitely the divas who consistently oversee the journey of the three friends.

Lisa-Marie Holmes, Laura Mansell and Catherine Mort displayed extremely impressive vocals that managed to breach the showbiz barrier and stun the crowd on several occasions.

The show was a riot of colour, lights and music and had audiences laughing raucously one minute and singing and dancing along the next.

Credit must also go to the three divas (Lisa-Marie Holmes, Laura Mansell and Catherine Mort) who belted out hit after hit.

If you’re on the hunt for a fabulous feel-good night out then Priscilla is one glitzy hit not to be missed!

Picture courtesy of Paul Coltas 2, with thanks

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