South London trio Taxi Joe talk new music and old classics

After a decade together, south London trio are keen to continue enjoying their music after performing at The O2 Arena.

The band recently played Stone Free Festival at the venue, having previously supported Tinie Tempah at the venue.

Next up, Taxi Joe will take to the stage for the first-ever Nambuccapalooza at the iconic Holloway Road venue alongside acts including The Wholls and Himalayas, a venue Joe Acres is particularly excited to return to.

Lead singer Joe said: “What’s good in Nambucca is the sound. The sound is so big, I felt I could lean back on it and it would keep me upright. It’s a really nice sound in there.”

After playing together at school, Joe and drummer Louis Morgan then added bassist Italian bassist Devid Dell’Aiera a decade ago.

Having spent a long time plugging away on the London circuit, for Joe the turning point came when the band chose to change their approach.

He said: “We spent a long time trying to be a certain way, but eventually we just thought ‘sod it’. We’re much more relaxed now.

“We just decided to lighten up and have a laugh with our music, that was it really. I think that’s really shown in our music.”

For Devid, while the London scene is going strong, he feels young bands need to be careful when starting out.

He said: “What hurts the scene is the pay-to-play gigs where bands are asked to play a venue on the provision that you sell the tickets and if you don’t sell them you have to pay.

“A lot of young bands are keen to play but they walk headlong into it.

“Great promoters do the whole job, they get the venue, the bands and people there. I don’t think bands should worry too much about getting people there.”

Joe added: “There are a lot of promoters in London who are booking shows and make quality nights and they make sure there’s a high quality of act there and because of that people go because they know what they’ll get.

“There is a very healthy music scene in London but there are still a minority who just shaft young bands.”

After a successful launch for latest single ‘Fire’ last week, the band have plans for more music coming soon.

However, Joe is keenly aware of the shifting trends in the music industry.

He said: “We’re getting some more stuff out. We’ve gone more balls-to-the-wall rock , so we want to get that sound out now.

“We’re gigging steadily but we’re now focusing on getting more content out, and probably an album next year. It’s a case of getting the content together.

“The way people listen to music now it is more intravenous, until you’re selling crazy amounts, you can’t really just drop a whole album because you’re wasting your time really.

“You’re better doing a couple then a couple more and seeing how it goes.”

The band’s unique approach can be seen in the video to recent track ‘A Little Bit Of Something Else’, inspired by 90s dating shows.

“We just got a camera and some people together and didn’t tell them what was happening.

“I think there was something in the tea because everyone lost their minds a bit.

“We wanted to get a bear in there too, but unfortunately, we couldn’t.”

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