Review: Boy Blue Entertainment The Five & the Prophecy of Prana @ Barbican

The Barbican was a hot bed of hip-hop, old skool R ‘n’ B and deep house last night, following the performance of award-winning hip hop dance company, Boy Blue Entertainment in The Five & the Prophecy of Prana.

The BSI Jam, Boy Blue’s monthly jam event, was open to all dance and music lovers, following the company’s evening performance of their acclaimed 2014 touring hip-hop dance show.

It was attended by world famous choreographer Kenrick ‘H2O’ Sandy, composer Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante, as well as an array of dancers, performers and amateurs alike.

DJ DJ3D (DreDaDJ) and Mr S provided music as diverse as the attendees themselves, dropping retro funk beats, deep house tunes and urban R ‘n’ B mixes from 11pm to 3am.

Highlights included an eruption of energetic dance battles between cast members and choreographers and professionals pairing with amateurs – ensuring those from all walks of life experienced the intoxicating euphoria that only a good ole boogie can provide.

Transforming the Barbican into a super-cool, fresh urban rave venue, the jam guaranteed that all those who attended would definitely be back again for next month’s event.

Image courtesy of RetoxMagazine’sChannel via YouTube, with thanks

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