Eel Pie Records celebrates inclusion on high-profile record store list

Eel Pie Records is being celebrated as one of the best record shops in the UK, being featured in a prominent list of nationwide shops.

Starting during lockdown, #TimsTwitterListeningParty appeared weekly on Twitter thanks to The Charlatans front-man Tim Burgess, as a way to get people listening to discussing music during lockdown.

Based in Church Street, Twickenham, the store is steeped in history, taking its name from the iconic Eel Pie Island, and is now just one of less than 200 record stores being highlighted by the ‘Tim’s Twitter Listening Party’ project.

Burgess has been a vocal supporter of independent music stores throughout the pandemic and has continued his support by publishing the list of record stores, with Eel Pie Records co-manager Kevin Jones delighted that the store was one of those being celebrated just three years after it first opened.

Jones said: “We were absolutely delighted. Tim Burgess is doing some amazing things with publicising independent record stores at the moment.

“He’s putting so much energy and creativity into supporting independent music and artists. We’re just delighted that he’s found us and is using his channels and audience to tell people about our existence.

“Most of the people who come to shop with us probably live in the local area. A lot of people in the local area who may not have heard of us and are Tim Burgess fans will now have heard of us. It’s very important and it’s pleasing to be a part of it.”

Though the shop is now open due to the relaxation of lockdown restrictions, the shop will still be offering the delivery service it first introduced earlier this year.

Jones added: “What we have managed to do through our online channels is continue delivering in the local area. We’ve been out delivering with our ‘Eels on Wheels’ delivery service during both lockdowns.

“A lot of people really appreciate that. People still isolating post-lockdown will still be able to enjoy their music during difficult times.”

Featured image credit: Eel Pie Records

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