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Chelsea and Westminster Hospital staff report highest levels of abuse in London

More than a third of staff at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital experienced abuse at work from patients or their relatives, according to the latest NHS staff survey.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital ranked the worst out of the 35 London NHS trusts, with 38.5% of their staff reporting abuse from the public, although a significant number of hospitals registered more than a third.

Staff shortages and referral waiting lists have fuelled abuse against doctors across the NHS, according to Medical Protection, the world’s leading protection organisation for doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals.

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s staff reported the second highest levels of abuse from patients and relatives, with 35.6% of their employees claiming they had been subject to at least one incident.

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust came in third, with 34.8% of staff reporting harassment and bullying.

NHS North Central London ICB had the lowest number of known cases, as only 0.2% of its staff reported abuse.

The data unveiled a sobering reality across London NHS Trusts, with an average of 26.32% of staff members surveyed reporting incidents of abuse from patients or relatives.

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