Drogba so at home in UK he wants to play for England

Drogba claims that instead of playing for France or the Ivory Coast, he would rather play for England one day – that’s Isaac not Didier by the way.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Chelsea legend Didier Drogba claimed that his son, Isaac, now feels so at home in the UK he wants to play for England.

Isaac, 15, who has played for Chelsea’s under-14 squad, is eligible to play for France or the Ivory Coast and just like his father, is a striker.

“My son was playing for Chelsea and I asked him which nationality do you want to play for,” father Didier explained.

“He’s French, but he said he does not want to play for Ivory Coast or France, he wants to play for England.

“Even when I was in China, I said to them (his children), do you want to come and live with me, but they said that they would come to see me on holidays.”


Drogba played for Chelsea for eight years and scored 226 goals for the club, before leaving for Shanghai Shenhua and then Galatasaray.

He returned to the Blues though in 2014 and explains it was the special understanding the Chelsea players have with the fans that brought him back.

“Together we’ve achieved so much here,” he said.

“We have been through a lot of good moments and sad moments as well, like the final in Moscow.

“For eight years we have been chasing the Champions League trophy and then we did it and the fans understood that.

“So that understanding between the fans and the players, makes this relationship very special.”

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