Richmond Gymnastics offer free taster session for children with disabilities

Richmond Gymnastics are offering a free taster session next month for children in primary school with disabilities or additional needs.

The taster session will allow children to explore different themes within gymnastics including jumping, rolling and climbing.

As well as that, children will be able to choose where they spend their time and what they would like to try with the support and guidance from Richmond Gymnastics’ team of coaches.

Their marketing manager Katie Delport explained that gymnastics can offer a range of mental and physical benefits.

She said: “Gymnastics is a great sport for both physical and social development.

“As well as strengthening growing bones, targeting all the muscle groups and improving flexibility, it can help reduce behavioural and emotional disorders.

“It also helps build self-confidence, determination and better communication skills.”

Richmond Gymnastics deliver sessions to over 1,800 children and young people as well as providing disability and inclusion gymnastics that offers children the opportunity to get involved with sport activities.

Delport said: “It is vital children with different needs are included as it gives them the same opportunity as others to improve their health, have fun and develop social relationships and friendships.

“It is also important that they feel a sense of achievement and independence. 

“Gymnastics can provide children with all of those things, whilst promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.”

The free taster session will be held at the Richmond Gymnastics Association (RGA) Centre in Kew on Monday 4 April from 1-3pm.

Delport said: “We hope it will encourage more children to get involved with sport and give them the opportunity to try new skills, make friends and explore in a safe environment.”

For more information about Richmond Gymnastics’ free taster session available to children in primary schools with disabilities or additional needs click here.

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