Dreaming big! Kingston racing driver Tom Onslow-Cole sets Guinness World Record for fastest bed

A sleeping arrangement petrolheads can only dream of became a reality for a Kingston GT racer when he set the record for the world’s fastest bed earlier this month.

Tom Onslow-Cole hit a top speed of 84 miles per hour in an adapted Ford Mustang GT on a dragstrip in the UAE.

The former touring car driver, who has recently signed up for the new Electric GT Championship, annihilated the previous record of 69 miles per hour, set in the UK in 2008.

There was no time for Onslow-Cole to sleep on the job though as he was in and out of the country in just over a day in what was quite a chaotic set-up.

“I had very little information and it was quite last minute – I got the call on the Thursday and I flew on the Monday. I was only in Dubai for about 28 hours,” he explained.

“But it’s really, really cool. It is a bit of a bizarre record but it was something very cool and it is great to have my name back in the record books again.

“It was like living out Record Breakers, I imagined myself wearing the gold suit – it was pretty cool.”

The new record put to bed the disappointment of losing his previous Guinness World Record of driving the world’s fastest milk float, which he had set at a speed of 77 miles per hour in 2012 but was beaten by fellow British driver Rob Gill two years later.

Onslow-Cole was not going to cry over that situation though and now wants to collect even more records alongside his busy racing career.

“We were thinking about what we could do for a new record – we don’t have anything coming up but I am open and keen to have a go at anything,” the 29-year-old said.

“The speed records are cool, especially the land speed records.

“The speeds and the machines are incredible so to have a go at one of those would be amazing.

“It would be hard to beat the adrenaline buzz of doing something like that.”

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