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Kingstonian FC still awaiting decision on continuing season

Kingstonian FC are still awaiting a decision from the National League on whether they will continue the season.

The Isthmian League Premier Division club voted to curtail the season, but the National League is yet to make a decision on the third to sixth tiers of English football, leaving their fate unclear.

With the Government yesterday providing a roadmap for the county’s future, a decision shouldn’t be too far away.

Club communications officer Robert Wooldridge said: “We need to tell our supporters that we still exist.

“We want certainty, but it’s difficult to get some kind of certainty. We don’t know going to happen next year because we don’t know what’s going to happen next month, so it would be nice to get something official from somebody.

“Quite how they can set any dates quite frankly is beyond me, I don’t know of any viruses that pay attention to dates.

“I don’t see how we can go back until vaccinations are done.”

The FA left the decision to all leagues from steps three to six in the English system which is why the wait is on the National League to decide.

The players and coaches have been treading water in the meantime, hoping to get back to training.

Wooldridge said: “First team manager Hayden Bird is itching to go back but he is realistic about what’s going on.

“He knows that the season might be over but he hopes it won’t be. He wants to manage games and he wants to manage players.

“Hayden keeps in contact with the players and sets out training regimes which he expects them to stick to.

“Fans are impatiently patient. There’s a general resignation that the season’s over, so we’re all in the same boat in that respect.

“Will we be able to afford to play without supporters? I’m not sure we can at our level.”

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