Top teams in the Canadian Football League

The Canadian Football League has been one of the top sports leagues in the country.

A lot of fans have enjoyed the game itself and the betting side as well. If you’re a football fan, the CFL is a huge title to look out for. 

While the National Football League in the United States stands out as the biggest football league in the world, Canada’s own league has also found its groove for some time now and has enjoyed relative success. 

As far as the CFL can go, it has influenced Canada football betting to a whole new level.

That says a lot about the popularity of the league as a whole aside from the fact that there are a lot of intense games to look out for.

This is one of the reasons why the CFL has thrived even with a lack of market and media coverage. 

Every season has seen the teams and their greatness in the sport.

In a league, there are always consistent favourites because of their record-breaking stats and team dynamics.

Here are the top teams in the Canadian Football League and a lookback at how they performed in the 2021 season: 

Toronto Argonauts 

The Toronto Argonauts have been the best team in the Eastern Conference in the 2021 season.

The squad found its way to thrive by taking a 9-5 record.

They had 18 points in total and went 6-1-0 at home while going 3-4-0 on the road.  

The team ended the season with a loss in their final game but had 309 points for and 318 points against, which is a good note.

Toronto may have a chance to improve on their road games next season, which means a lot for their title hopes. 

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers finished with the best record in the West with a standing of 11-3, which is good for 22 points.

So far, the Blue Bombers have been the most promising to bet on in the past few years and have done a great job to keep winning their games with a wide margin. 

Winnipeg ended the season with a perfect record at home, winning all of their seven games.

They did lose two games in the closing stretch of the season but that was not much of a big deal.

The Bombers had an 8-1-0 record against West teams, which is a good note for their progress in the whole season. 

Hamilton Tiger-Cats 

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats proved to be a comeback team in the 2021 season after finishing the run with an 8-6 record.

The team closed out the season with a bang by winning their final game, but their record was a few wins behind the Argonauts to place first in the East. 

The Tiger-Cats had a 5-2-0 record at home, and they have gone 3-4-0 on the road.

So far, there is still a lot to tweak for the team since they went 4-4-0 against teams in the East, which shows how much offence they still need to supplant with their roster. 

Saskatchewan Roughriders 

The Roughriders had some tough games of their own and failed to make one last push in the double-digit win record.

The team lost their last game which could have put them up with 10 wins.

They ended the season with a 9-5 record and ended up tied with Toronto in points with 16. 

Saskatchewan has piled up a 5-2-0 record at home, with those two losses being close games that proved to be crucial down the stretch.

They went for 4-3-0 record on the road and it was a costly run that they could have won. 

Calgary Stampeders 

The Calgary Stampeders made sure they would pull off a huge finish in the league, and they showed off.

The team won three games in a row to wrap up the 2021 run and finished third in the West with an 8-6 record.

The team has shown a lot of grit in those three games they won to finish the season, which made them a favourite in Canada football betting

Calgary still has a lot to work on, and they have done a great job to ensure that they would get the best of their run the next time they push for a title run sooner or later.

This shows a lot of faith in the team and fans are keen to see how they would improve in the long run.

Feature image:  by Sully2001ca via Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International.

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