What odds should we expect for next season’s Premier League?

The 21-22 Premier League has been one of the closest and most exciting in recent history.

With Manchester City and Liverpool dominating the top of the table, we’re expecting the result to come right down to the wire.

Both sides have been seemingly unstoppable with Man City having the slight edge going into the final day of the season.

As the 21-22 season comes to a close, it’s almost time to start thinking about the odds for next season and the wonderful football we’re likely to see in the 22-23 Premier League.

What odds should we expect?

Speculation of the odds is only natural, but we’re not expecting too much of a shift from the 21-22 season to the 22-23.

Manchester City and Liverpool are once again expecting to dominate the upcoming season with both managers winding up for an impressive finale this season.

We can only hope that the momentum continues from this season to the next.

Chelsea may come back with improved odds next season, but with the club being sold, Chelsea’s performance is expected to slip.

The arrival of three new teams to the Premier League is sure to shake things up in the lower end and the loss of three is sure to disappoint thousands of football fans.

These teams heading up into the Premier League will be ones to watch – there are sure to be plenty of inflated odds deals to find in the early stages.

Premier League future bets

Futures are among some of the most popular forms of bets that can be made on football, with bettors around the world placing this form of bet at the start of the season.

A future bet is typically placed at the start of a competition and is placed on a team to win the overall tournament/season.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan or have spotted something that others have not – a future bet can award bettors with a large pay-out at the season climax.

Everyone remembers the shock of Leicester winning the league, but the odds at the start of the season couldn’t have been better for the handful of bettors that bagged the winner.

The odds of 5000-1 were offered by top UK bookies, meaning those that placed a £5 bet received a huge £25,000 pay-out at the end of the season.

Those that placed a £10 bet found themselves with a £50,000 pay-out – not too bad.

The smallest pay-out for the top futures bet was just £0.10 on Leicester winning the league.

The lucky punter managed to claim £500 from their longshot punt.

Where to find the best Premier League odds?

Bettors looking to place sports bets on the English Premier League really are spoiled for choice in the UK with a long list of sports betting sites offering the football markets.

One of the key differentiators between these sportsbooks is the welcome offers used to entice new bettors to the betting sites.

One of the top welcome offers available to new football fans is the Boylesports sign up offer, offering a “bet £10 get £20 in free bets” welcome offer.

Boylesports also offers a range of existing player bonuses available for bettors to claim during the Premier League season with a variety of different offer types up for grabs.

A bet builder promotion allows for football fans to create the exact bet that they are looking to place and dynamic sports promotions covering football, golf and horse racing (to name just a few) can be found in the “Promotions” tab.

The takeaway

We are expecting the odds of next season’s Premier League to mirror more of the same – as they say, history will always repeat itself.

Manchester City and Liverpool are expected to dominate as a pair once again and although Chelsea may have been thought of as a contender at the year’s start, recent controversy with the team owner may have burst the Chelsea bubble.

Most excitingly, there will be three new teams making their way back into the Premier League with another small shift in the odds we can expect to see.

Ultimately, it’s a wait-and-see kind of situation!

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