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Cricket clubs in south west London

Cricket is easily one of the most popular sports in the UK.

With more 5,000 cricket clubs, you don’t have to travel far to find a place to join fellow sportsmen and women in a friendly (or heated) match.

With so many clubs, it may be hard to know which ones are the best, which offer what you’re looking for, or who is playing in your area.

If you’re in south west London, which has over 15 clubs, this could be especially difficult.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of these clubs and some key facts to educate you on which clubs you should consider visiting.

Streatham & Marlborough Cricket Club

The Streatham & Marlborough Cricket Club is the culmination of more than 200 years of cricketing experience acquired by the two clubs merging in 2003.

The two clubs in question are the Streatham Cricket Club (founded in 1805) and the Marlborough Cricket Club (founded in 1870).

The new club formed by the merger of these clubs is Clubmark certified.

Having this mark means the club has been investigated and proven to run correctly and efficiently. It also means that the club is safe for younger and vulnerable players.

Estimated to be home to the most prominent men’s section within south London, the club has eight teams that play each Saturday, with a further two on the field each Sunday.

If this isn’t enough, it is also home to over 130 female players, with almost 30% of all players being the fairer sex.

South Hampstead Cricket Club

Founded in 1875, the South Hampstead Cricket Club was initially named the Crescent Cricket Club.

However, due to not being able to secure a set location for the club and the tragedy that was World War II, the club changed and became what it is today.

Leasing its current location on Sidmouth Road in 1900, the club has a rich history and multiple teams for all ages. While no women call the club home, it does offer a lot to male players.

For example, it hosts summer and winter training sessions for junior players and a summer camp that lets youngsters enjoy a holiday filled with sports and training.

Meanwhile, older players regularly play in the Middlesex Country Cricket League.

Ealing Cricket Club

Based at the Ealing Cricket Club Ground since 1874, this club has been around since 1870. It is a regular competitor in the Middlesex CC League and has many teams comprising all age groups.

Aside from all the adult teams that play regularly, the club is home to numerous teams of younger players, including those five years old and younger.

Females aren’t left out either, with multiple teams for women and girls.

Besides playing in the main leagues, the club has an inter-franchise league that comprises 24 teams of children ranging from nine to 15 years old.

Proving that the club is safe for all players, it is also Clubmark certified.

Surrey Cricket Club

Based at the Kia Oval, Surrey Cricket Club is one of the most popular clubs in the country.

This popularity is partially thanks to its home ground, which is considered one of the best cricket grounds in the world.

However, the club itself also has a rich history and is one of the many that you can bet on by visiting Cricket Betting.

Founded in 1845, the club won the County Championship in 1890 and has taken home the tournament trophy 21 times since then.

The club was also the first in the country to win the Twenty20 Cup in 2003.

While the main squads are made up of only adult men and women teams, the club is also home to what has been titled the Academy.

Here, children from the age of ten can learn the sport under the guidance of some of the best mentors in the county.

Roehampton Cricket Club

Founded in 1842, Roehampton Cricket Club is one of the oldest clubs in London.

It is also closely affiliated with the Surrey Cricket Club and caters to lovers of the sport regardless of age or gender.

While junior players have set teams based on age, such as those under 21 and even players just eight years old, the leading teams don’t worry about age.

Instead, all XI teams, from the first to the fifth, are open-aged and hold players from various ages.

The club also has a thriving female presence, with 12 different teams catering to girls and women of all ages.

In 2021, the club merged with Fulham Cricket Club to encourage accepting players regardless of any stereotype, whether that be race, age, or gender.

Joining Fulham CC has helped the club be even more inclusive of aspiring players.

Richmond Cricket Club

Stationed at the Old Deer Park, Richmond Cricket Club was founded in 1862 and had a long history of fantastic players like Australian legend Adam Gilchrist.

The club regularly competes in the Middlesex Premier League and won the league in 2004 and 2018.

With a solid number of adult teams for both men and women, the club also has multiple youth teams, including children under the age of six years old.

The club hosts winter training and numerous games during the warmer months to get all these young players on a steady footing.

Proving that they deserve their Clubmark certification, the club is heavily focused on developing young female cricketers and holds many training events for them.

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