The rise of ultrarunning: why the endurance sport has become so popular

Ultrarunning, an endurance sport where people run further than a marathon, is on the rise.

report in May revealed that there has been a 345% increase in global participation of ultramarathons over the past decade.

It also showed a rise in the number of ultrarunning and ultramarathon events springing up all over the UK, giving people more opportunity to get involved.

Distances typically start at 50km and there are different types of races, including road, trails, and loops which take place all over the world.

Races can last one day, a weekend or even a week such as the 250km Marathon des Sables which takes place across the Sahara.

The longest certified race in the world is the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 mile (4988.9km) race in New York.

We investigate why the sport has become so popular.

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Featured image credit: Camino Ultra

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