Corinthian-Casuals and Kingstonian’s groundshare ends in fitting draw

“Just turn around now, ‘cause you’re not welcome anymore.”

Not just the words of Gloria Gaynor in her 1978 disco hit ‘I will survive’ but also the feelings of Corinthian-Casuals fans towards unwanted tenants Kingstonian FC.

The two clubs have been sharing King George’s Field since 2018, and although the clubs started off as best of friends, things quickly turned sour.

There was a clear sense of animosity between the two sets of fans from the beginning, and that spread into the fabric of both clubs.

And their mutual distaste for each other was on full display when the two sides met in an Isthimian Premier Division clash.

DERBY: Corinthian-Casuals and Kingstonian players prepare for a throw-in

The two played out a feisty 1-1 draw, which had all the hallmarks of a typical derby, complete with crunching tackles and hostile chanting.

The K’s took the lead twenty minutes into the first-half, a fine floaty through ball by Kershaney Samuels was met by Daniel Ajakaiye at the edge of the box.

Corinthian-Casuals goalkeeper Emmanuel Agboola hared out of the box but was promptly rounded by Ajakaiye who was then able to slot the ball past two defenders into the net.

The Kingstonian lead didn’t last long though as Peter Ojemen scored to level the match ten minutes later.

A characteristically well placed corner by Kieron Cadogan was met by the head of Ojemen.

Goalkeeper Serine Samuel managed to get a hand on the ball, but Ojemen header came with such power meaning he could not keep it out.

Barring the goals, it was a match of very few chances, and neither side did enough to win the match.

Perhaps that result sums up the whole sorry saga of the Casuals and Kingstonian groundshare, neither side has won, neither side has gained what they wanted.

Throughout the match both sets of fans were doing what they could to rile up their opposite numbers.

Kingstonian fans spent much of the game casting aspersions against the Casuals amateur status.

The Casuals fans then retaliated, mocking Kingstonian’s lack of permanent home ground.

One fan even brought with them an AFC Wimbledon flag, the club that played an integral role in turfing Kingstonian out of their historic Kingsmeadow home.

And as amusing as this toing and froing between the two opposing supporters was, it further illustrated what a sad and disappointing saga this has been.

When the two clubs went into partnership, there was talk of co-operation, working together to create a first-class environment which would benefit both sides.

But due to petty squabbling over inane topics, this agreement has fallen apart benefiting neither side.

In terms of league position Kingstonian sit in seventh, whereas Corinthian-Casuals are in 12th, but neither side look likely to establish themselves in the division above.

This was the last match that the two sides will play as co-owners of King George’s Field.

Unable to come to an agreement, Kingstonian will instead play next season’s home matches at Tooting and Mitcham’s Imperial Sports Ground.

Despite moving out, Kingstonian players and supporters can still expect a less than welcoming reception when they visit King George’s Field next season.

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