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Sustaining League Of Legends: how the world’s biggest esport can remain at the top

We speak with the brain behind Britain’s biggest regional League of Legends esports competition about how grassroots competition can preserve and improve the game’s ecosystem.

Esports is a fresh industry that has only recently hit the mainstream. Typically, an esport has a short lifespan, as it rises in popularity, plateaus, then collapses.

But there’s a sea change happening right now. The world’s biggest esport, League of Legends, is continuing to set new viewership records 11 years after its inception.

While most of the focus is on continental competition, much of this growth is happening in the European Regional Leagues, or ERLs. Petter Sten, product manager for the UKLC, tells us how and why this can preserve the game in the long run.

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Image credit: Riot Games via YouTube.

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