Isidore itching to get cracking at Euros after ‘best season’

British BMX prodigy Quillan Isidore can’t wait to get started at the European Championships after preparing for the competition with his best season yet.

London’s Isidore is just 21 but has been selected as one of six BMXers to represent the Great Britain Cycling Team in the BMX Supercross event, which takes place on August 10-11 in Glasgow.

Isidore’s selection in the team is just the latest stage in the development of the young rider, who was crowned under-16 boys world champion at the 2012 UCI BMX World Championships in Birmingham.

After breaking his leg in Belgium last year, Isidore returned with a vengeance this season and recorded a career-best fourth place at a World Cup event in the Netherlands in May.

“This one is my best season so far,” he said. “It’s the most I’ve raced. I’ve been in a World Cup final, World Cup semi-final, I was ranked top eight, not sure about that anymore!

“I’ve been healthy as well which is always a good thing.

“I’ve been in the United States racing as well and I did a total of six races, finished with five podiums and one fourth [place], so I’m feeling really good with racing, and just in the groove of things.

“I’ve shown what I’m capable of and when I deliver what I’m capable of, I’m successful in the later stages of the racing.

“If I go and do what I’ve been doing, it should be a good day for me. It just gives confidence in yourself, which is the main thing.”

Isidore, who began riding BMX around Peckham and Brixton as a nine-year-old, is part of a British team that includes 13 Olympic medallists and the star power of the likes of Mark Cavendish, Jason and Laura Kenny and Katie Archibald.

The European Championships, which begin on Thursday in Glasgow, will see the Great Britain team compete against the best of Europe with home support behind them.

Isidore added: “Personally, for me, I always get goosebumps when I hear a crowd roar, and then I guess it will spur you on a bit more, give you that extra burst of energy.

“You could get a victory, I love racing the home crowds so I’m looking forward to it – it creates such a good atmosphere.

“I just want a final, and then to go from there. Anything can happen in a final, so give yourself the best chance when you make the final, that’s the target.”

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