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  1. JohnM
    December 11, 2019 @ 11:13 am

    Not a lot wrong with the Southern Service as I see it. The Wallington London Bridge semi-fast service is great.

    Some London Overground trains will be reversing at Wallington in the 2020s when the LO service to West Croydon is increased to 6TPH from 4. It is not clear if they will stop at Wallington & Waddon though.

    Reversing 6TPH at Sutton would require new infrastructure. It would be better to send them to Epsom Downs to provide a better service for the 10k people who will be working at the Royal Marsden / Sutton Hospital development. However this would require the track to be redoubled ( not too difficult) and more platforms provided at Epsom Downs. It may be the housing estate on the old staiton site would have to be demolished.