VIDEO: How you can keep the deer safe in Richmond Park

Lockdowns and restrictions have caused an increase in people visiting Richmond Park, which has put more pressure on the resident deer population.  

Deer have been in Richmond Park since 1637 and are a crucial part of the park’s ecosystem. 

Park Manager Simon Richards estimates that over six million people visited the park this year. 

“It’s almost like every day is a Bank Holiday at the moment,” he said.

TALKING DEER SAFETY: SWL spoke to Park Manager Simon Richards

The increase in people puts more pressure on the deer who already only have the finite space of the park to roam.   

People also often get too close to photograph these spectacular creatures, especially during October’s rut.

Another threat is the rise in untrained dogs in the park due to the boom of lockdown puppies.

Two incidences of dogs attacking deer are going to court this year after the deer had to be put down.

Park Regulations require visitors to remain 50m away from the deer and to keep dogs under control or on a lead, for the safety of visitors and the deer. 

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