Retired rugby player jogs memories for Movember

An ex-England Sevens rugby player has swapped his boots for running trainers to raise money for the men’s health charity Movember by running an hour every day throughout the month. 

Fergus Guiry, 24, from Wandsworth, switched gears from the traditional Movember approach of growing moustaches, and opted for a physically and mentally demanding challenge to amplify awareness and donations.

Fergus said: “I want to create a world where fewer men suffer in silence with mental health.

“I think the majority of men will experience their own version of a mental health wobble.

“For me, it was during my first year of University where I’d often find myself overwhelmed by these feelings that I couldn’t describe or necessarily comprehend.

“This led to me breaking down crying one evening, picking up the phone to my best friend and mum, and just trying to explain the feelings I was experiencing.”

MOVING FOR MOVEMBER: Friend Mikey supports Guiry whilst showing off upper lip accessories.

For him, the challenge is not only about raising funds for Movember but also sparking conversations between friends.

He said: “It’s about prompting someone to check in on the men in their life, ask them if they’re really okay, grab a coffee with them, go for a walk, and just have open conversations.”

Whilst juggling a demanding work schedule and fatigued muscles, Fergus is also struggling with his new insatiable appetite.

He said: “I’m roughly consuming 4000 calories a day and I’m still hungry.”

During the interview alone, Fergus devoured a lemon muffin, a bagel and a chocolate mousse as his post-dinner snack. 

Belly full, Fergus expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support.

He said: “The support and love that I’ve received from not only those closest to me, but from people I haven’t spoken to or seen in a while has been incredible.”

Despite the physical and mental toll, Fergus sees this challenge as an opportunity to prove his own mental strength. 

He said: “The physical pain I’m going through this month is far less than what a man battling mental health problems is going through.”

Since starting the challenge, Fergus has raised over £1,500 for the men’s health charity.

A PROBLEM SHARED: Friends Katie and Chris join Guiry on a weekend trot.

Movember is a global charity changing the face of men’s health, tackling some of the most complex health issues facing men today such as mental health, suicide, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. 

The charity uses fundraising money for projects that help men live longer lives of better quality.

Using the best researchers, Movember delivers cancer survivorship programmes, biomedical research, and innovative community mental health programmes.

As Fergus continues his daily runs, his infectious spirit and dedication remind us all that a contribution of one individual can make a big impact, one stride at time.

To contribute to Fergus’s fundraising efforts and reach his target, you can donate to his Mo Space here.

Additionally, you can follow his running journey and view proof of every run on his Strava.

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