Tooting’s Sadiq Khan is ‘more in touch’ with Londoners than Richmond Park’s Zac Goldsmith, says poll

Zac Goldsmith MP is trailing Sadiq Khan MP in the latest poll on who would make the best London mayor. 

In a neck-and-neck poll conducted by YouGov, 51% of Londoners thought Tooting MP Mr Khan would make a better mayor than Richmond Park’s Mr Goldsmith.

On subjects ranging from personality to most likely to be good or bad in a crisis, both of the City Hall candidates rank closely in the eyes of the public.

Editor-in-Chief of YouGov, Freddie Sayers, said: “What’s remarkable is just how evenly matched the two men are, right down to the different aspects of their personality.

“Likeable? Its 41%/41%. Good in a crisis? 26%/27%. Up to the job of mayor? 38%/39%.”

The only definitive difference between the two is whether the public considers them to be in touch with ordinary people.

The stark contrast of a son of a bus driver versus a millionaire has led to 41% believing Mr Khan is in touch, whereas only 18% think Mr Goldsmith is.

With only six months to go before the next Mayor of London is elected, the rivalry between the two candidates is only set to intensify.

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